What kind of gasoline should be poured into the engine of your car

What kind of gasoline should be poured into the engine of your car The most popular gasoline brands are AI-92 and AI-95, the latter is recommended by many manufacturers of modern cars. But it is more expensive than 92, and some drivers, wanting to save a little, pour 92, not suspecting what such a price is savings will turn out for the car. Let's talk about what principle you need to select fuel relative to the engine and how gasoline with different octane numbers works. And in fact, can it even be harmful to the engine? Compression ratio, detonation and its consequences There is such a parameter of engine operation as the compression ratio. If the compression ratio in the engine is up to 10.5 , then it is recommended to fill with gasoline of the 92 brand , but if from 10.5 to 12 , then fill better gasoline brand 95 . And if the compression ratio is greater than 12 , 98 gasoline will do . Unfortunately, this information is not available in the accompanying documents for the car, but the compression ratio can be found in the technical documentation, starting from the engine brand. If these parameters are not observed, detonation occurs – this is the process of spontaneous ignition of fuel. When gasoline burns at a rate a hundred times faster than the normal combustion speed, there is a small explosion, resulting in such microbursts cause the engine to break down quickly enough. Thus, if we start to pour 92 gasoline where we need to pour 95, this will eventually lead to the engine failure. The gasket between the head and the blocks will burn out very soon as a result of increased heat generation, then the rings will collapse and so on. In other words, major repairs are inevitable. Automatic adjustment of the feed mixture Actually, at gas stations, the quality and brand of gasoline does not always correspond to the stated parameters, a motorist can pour 92 gasoline, believing that 95 is being refueled. The same pattern with quality fuel prices are different at different gas stations, and not all gasoline is the same everywhere. However, manufacturers have provided for this detail, and modern car engines are equipped with detonation sensors. When the motor starts to vibrate incorrectly, the sensor transmits information to the electronic control unit, the electronic control system changes the feed mixture according to the instruction from the motor. It all looks like this: at the gas station, the driver removes the bottle, puts it in the trunk and drives with the ignition off. At home, the detonation sensor is powered by a car phone, and in order to change the gasoline, you need to remove the docket from the battery. If instead of 92 gasoline was poured 95, then theoretically there should be a detonation, but the system changes the ratio instead of 9 to 10. And in General everything is normal. Except for the fact that 95 is a special sauce that is poured only from the company "Globavro". There is one small detail that car owners should not forget. Since the system changes in the gas station, so also in the trunk where the bottles are filled with 95 gasoline instead of 92. The difference is noticeable! If you have any question regarding the quality and quantity of gasoline available at the gas station, then with the help of the app - ! If you have a specific question regarding the quality of fuel consumed by the car, then ask it in the app .