The most reliable CVT that has ever been put on a car

The most reliable CVT that has ever been put on a car The CVT that is installed on a car is the most reliable thing that has ever been put on a car. Although some of you may have noticed that the manufacturer doesn't include the most modern gearbox in the installation instructions. installing such a unit is a BIG MISTAKE, as the instructions are aimed at and only at experienced motorists. The CVT that is most often used on a car with a diesel engine is a CVT from a manufacturer called Regen. This unit is installed on models from the manufacturer of the aforementioned Regen, as well as on a number of Audi, Skoda, and Volkswagen models. However, there are also a number of cars that are installed on this unit without installing the necessary equipment. What's wrong with that? If you have a diesel engine, then you should not be afraid to install the Regen. The main problem of this unit is the scrolling of the liner – most often this happens on a run of about 150 thousand km. In this case the gearbox is clogged, and there is a run of around 100 thousand km. In this case the oil pump performance deteriorates dramatically during the mileage, which in the vast majority of cases can be corrected by reducing the oil change interval by 3 times. The situation is no better with the fan – this happens on a run of about 150 thousand km, and in this case the oil pump can be turned off completely. By the way, in this case the oil will not darken, even though the oil pressure will be reduced, it will just be voided. If you have a choice between a sealed and an open oil chest, choose the former. The fact is that the air in the system helps to lubricate the cylinders, and it accumulates there, diluting the products of the lubricator. In some cars, the oil is so viscous that it does not allow the coins of the oil to penetrate. After installing the filter in the car, you will receive a notification that the oil has changed color. If the oil has changed color more than once in a row – , and the filter has not changed color at all , then it means that the oil is not properly prepared . Preparing for operation of the vehicle with your own hands – how many of you there are like this! Was it interesting? – . Share IT with your friend and let him think about how to proceed with repairing the engine. if you are not a doctor, but someone who has a garage, an old car or an unwanted car in need of repair.